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Faith Formation Office

Sacramental Preparation & Ongoing Faith Formation


For Individuals who received a valid Baptism

  • Spanish First Communion (Gr. 1-6)

  • English First Communion (Gr. 1-6)  

  • First Communion (Gr. 7-12)

  • Youth Confirmation (Gr. 9-12)

  • Adult Confirmation


For Individuals who did NOT receive a valid Baptism (Contact Luz Mocete for verification on Baptisms)

  • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

  • RCIA adapted for Children

2022-2023 Registrations are CLOSED

We typically begin the Faith Formation year in October and end in May. Please email the coordinator towards the end of May 2023 for registration event information.


924-1968 or 571-8346

Director of Catechetical Ministry
& Spanish First Communion Coord. (Gr. 1-6)

    Teresita Felix—Ext. 112

English First Communion Coord. (Gr. 1-6)  

    Christine Merriman—Ext. 119

Youth Confirmation Coord. (Gr. 9-12)
& First Communion Coord. (Gr. 7-12)

    Fr. Christopher—Ext. 123
    Madeline Jimenez

RCIA Coord. & Adult Confirmation Coord.
    Luz Mocete—Ext. 114

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